ICS Banquet and Auction 

In the Spring, we host a Gala event at The Royal Ashburn Golf Course. Tickets are sold, 3-course dinners are served, followed by both silent auction and live auctions. This is the fundraising and social highlight of the year.

Golf Tournament

The Immanuel Cup Golf Tournament is held each spring to give supporters a day out on the green while at the same time showing their support for Immanuel Christian School.All you need to do is find a partner, or better yet put together a team of 4 and fill in a registration card.


Gift card program. This program allows parents to order gift cards for stores that they normally shop at and earn credits towards their next year’s tuition.

Chocolate Sales

During early spring students will be selling some irresistible chocolate. There are prizes for the top sellers. Proceeds help to support needs within the school.

QSP Sales

QSP is a worthwhile fundraiser because it costs the ‘customers’ nothing while channeling a good percentage to the school. In fact, renewing magazines through QSP can save you a few nickels per issue a times. QSP will honour competitor’s coupons.

Cookie Dough

Pails of frozen Cookie Dough are a hot item. Each fall families are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to order these tasty easy to make cookies. Orders are taken, and in a few weeks the pails of dough are delivered.The Cookie Dough sales are an opportunity for students to fund part or all of the cost for any of three major trips; Fair Glen Outdoor Christian Education Camp for grade 5 & 6, Jazz and Senior Band tour and X-treme Wilderness Hike in Algonquin Park.

Hot Lunch

Students have hot lunch 1 day a week. For $7.00 the students receive a main course, a drink and a dessert. The focus is to make the lunches nutritious. All proceeds support the Grad 8 Graduation.